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Welcome to Kanaan

get silky smooth skin & hair with nourishing body scrubs

Leave Your Style On Us

Welcome to Kanaan

get silky smooth skin & hair with nourishing body scrubs

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The Secret for Beautiful Skin & Hair

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Looking for excellence and perfectness, Now you are in a search for the best men’s salon that gives you a modern and unique look. Kanaan Gents Salon for Men will inevitably be the best destination for you. Closed and distinctive, taking care of your body from head to toe, and a team of massage specialists with the finest massage and facial care techniques with the latest materials, devices, nail and foot care services and Moroccan bath to take care of your body with the strongest trained and specialized team

Hair Keratin in 28ᵗʰ Al Bahri St - Rabdan - Al Maqta Region


After the mental stress accumulated from workplace and physical stress that men undergo during a gym routine, a relaxing session at the spa can be hugely beneficial for you.

Nurture your mind, body & spirit

Our Services

Thai massage

Have you tried undergoing a massage session before! If not, you have not experienced the true meaning of rest and relaxation

Enjoy 8 options of our special massage services that help you meet your body and psychological needs in minutes

Head Oil Massage – AED 20

Hair Keratin

There are many benefits of keratin for hair as it makes it smooth, soft and shiny, treats hair fragility and curls, and protects hair from damage.
Keratin is known as the protein naturally present in the hair and it is the protein that contributes to strengthening hair and making it shiny, and it can be found in smaller quantities in people who have Frizzy hair, which causes it to become rough and dry. Keratin protein is usually used to smoothen it for several months. The active ingredients of keratin are useful substances for people who want to strengthen their hair.


Beauty & Facials

In Kanaan salon, we use the latest equipment and a set of French creams dedicated to each skin according to its nature

  • Clean the skin deeply, not superficially
  •  Remove dirt and oil from the surface of the skin
    3- Make the skin more elastic and clean
  • Get rid of all impurities and reduce their appearance
  • Clean the skin without stripping it of moisture
  • Remove blackheads
  • Allowing the penetration of the active ingredients contained in the preparations to inflame the skin
  • Keep your pores clean.

Moroccan Bath

A traditional Moroccan hammam is a hot (about 50°C) and wet (100% humidity) steam bath.
Cleaning and exfoliating the skin
• Remove the accumulated dead skin cells.
• Purification of toxins from the body by removing excess water from the body.
• Helping to lose weight and dissolve the fat on the joints.
• Stimulate blood circulation.
• Calm the nerves, reduce stress and tension.
• Maintaining the vitality, youth, and smoothness of the skin.
• Remove dirt, prevent clogging of skin pores.
• Stimulating collagen production in the skin.
• Getting rid of dry skin.
• Moroccan black soap: it is rich in vitamin E, and is made from olive oil, salt, and potash. It is anti-microbial, deeply cleanses the skin, and reduces early signs of aging.

Hands & Foot Care

Manicure and pedicure
Manicure is a way to take care of the nails and the skin of your hands

The image related to appearance, appearance and personal care has become of great importance. Your elegant appearance is important in everyday life and has become and has become
Manicure and pedicure is a set of personal care methods for fingers and nails, presented at Kanaan Salon with specialists in all its technical details.
Manicure and pedicure for the beauty of your hands and nails
* Steps and stages of pedicure and manicure
*Massage hands
* Peeling the skin of the hands
* File nails
* Trimming the shape of the nails by removing the excess skin on the tips of the nails
* Strengthen nails
* Nail polish
* Manicure services help the skin of your hands to refresh the home and skin of your hands
* Pedicure service for the feet
* Massage the feet that were used with scrubs and therapeutic oils to keep the soil moist on the feet
* Peeling the skin of the feet
* Moisturizing the skin of the feet
* File toenails
* Trimming the nails and trimming their shape by removing the cuticles around the nails
* Nail polish with special oil to strengthen them.

Hair Removal

Waxing is a method in which wax is used to remove unwanted hair. The sticky substance in the wax makes it stick to the skin. When removed, it removes the hair from the roots. The wax leaves the skin smooth for up to two weeks. The hair also grows softer and smoother after waxing.

Advantages of waxing hair

  • Delays hair growth unlike any other means of removing the month
  •  One of the easiest ways to remove hair from the sensitive area
  • Suitable for all skin types and does not cause allergies to sensitive skin
  •  It does not cause sagging skin or darkening of the skin like other types of hair removal materials.

Barbar Shop

Looking for excellence and beauty, but you are in a search for the best men’s salon that gives you a modern and unique look. Kanaan Salon for Men will inevitably be the best destination for you. closed and featured.

Hot Stone Massage

The massage therapist uses warm stones instead of using his hands, as these stones help calm and relax the body by transferring heat to deep areas at the pressure points.
It is suitable for people who suffer from muscle pain and tension and want to relax. The heat of the stones relieves pain and muscle tension, improves blood flow and promotes relaxation.

Herbal massage

The traditional Thai herbal bag includes a group of various Thai herbs, including ginger, casminar, ginger, lemongrass, turmeric, and cumin.
Putting the hot herbal ball on the muscles and joints before the massage helps to give the muscles and joints flexibility. It also contributes to deep relaxation and reducing psychological pressure and muscle stress, especially in the muscles of the neck, shoulder and back, and works to stimulate positive psychological feelings in the person. These herbs also include stimulating anti-inflammatory substances to soothe the pain

  •  Helps reduce stress and tension.
  •  Energy Boost.
  •  Headache relief.
  •  Stimulating blood circulation.
  • Improve range of motion.

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